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Band Performing


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Alan Anderson

Lead vocal, guitar, and songwriter.

Alan was trained in Berklee College of Music, majoring in songwriting. He has been writing songs and performing for decades.

Larry close up.png

Larry Page

Percussion and vocals.

Larry has been a percussionist for decades, playing with many different groups. He is also a craft candlemaker.

Edwin smiling.jpg

Edwin Chong

Bass and vocals.

Edwin has been playing bass since 1983. He also plays guitar (lead and rhythm). His day job is as a professor of electrical and computer engineering and of mathematics at Colorado State University.

Music Set


We live in Fort Collins, Colorado, and have been playing together for a decade. Before that, we were in separate bands playing a wide variety of music. We have played regionally in different public and private settings. Our style is unique, blending jazz, folk, reggae, ballads, and improvisational elements.

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